Molecular Spectroscopy (University of the Basque Country – Bilbao)


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Physical Chemistry Department
Faculty of Science and Technology
The University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU
Apartado 644
48080- Bilbao

  • Our research is focused on the development and characterization of organic dyes and photoactive systems to be used as active laser medium in tunable lasers, fluorescent probes for bioimaging and singlet oxygen photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy. In addition, the properties of the materials are complementary studied through theoretical simulation. Our main research lines are:

    1. Multifunctional laser dyes based on BODIPY; BODIPYs can be selectively functionalized in order to modulate their photophysical properties and develop à la carte dyes.
    2. Photosensitizers with high generation of singlet oxygen for photodynamic therapy; By proper functionalization of the BODIPYs it is possible to obtain dyes with a high population of their triplet state.
    3. Multifunctional photoactive materials; the confinement of dyes in different host increases their photo and thermostability, and leads to an improvement of the photophysical properties.
    4. Atomic simulation of energy efficient cementitious materials; cement simulation is intended to make it more energy efficient.

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Last updated: 31/01/2019