Photomagnetic materials and bioinorganic models for energy applications (ICIQ – Tarragona)


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Avda. Països Catalans, 16
43007 Tarragona

Our main interest is the development of molecular materials with combination of chemical and physical properties (redox, magnetic, electrical and/or optical, etc…) from Coordination Chemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry.

In general, we are in the search for synthetic bioinorganic models for active sites of metalloproteins that could be able to catalyze redox reactions for energy applications; and for multifunctional molecules that could show new physical phenomena from unusual combination of properties.

In particular, we are working in mimics of the active site of Photosystem II, the inorganic cluster responsible for the catalysis of water oxidation; and in the synergy between chirality and magnetism at the molecular level.



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Last updated: 13/12/2018