Resolution of the V Price for the best doctoral thesis in photochemistry

The jury composed of doctors Andrés Thomas (Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina), Flor Rodríguez Prieto (University of Santiago de Compostela) and Luis Manuel Frutos (University of Alcalá), has decided to award the V Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Photochemistry to the doctor:

– Dr. Carmen García López (IMDEA Energía), with her thesis entitled “Development of molecules and photoactive materials based on conductor organic polymers for fine chemistry and energy applications” directed by Dr. Víctor Antonio de la Peña O’Shea and Dra. Marta Ángela Liras Torrente.

The criteria for awarding the price have been: (i) The relevance of the topic of the doctoral thesis in the development and advancement of photochemistry. (ii) The quality and number of publications in scientific journals and patents. (iii) The participation in national and international congresses. (iv) Other aspects considered by the evaluation committee.

The jury wanted to highlight the very high quality of the theses presented, also expressing their congratulations to all the candidates of the award for the high quality of the works presented.

In Alcalá de Henares, on September 28, 2021.

Luis Manuel Frutos

President of GRUFO